IV / Trauma Modules

PSS00 IV Module

The PSS6 Pullout IV Module is  more developed than the MI:01 and includes additional elastic loops for organizing blood drawing supplies. Also constructed of 500 denier cordura. For trouble free service.

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MI:01 IV Administration Module

The MD:01 Pullout IV Administration Module organizes and displays all you IV supplies so every thing you need to start an intravenous lineis at your finger tips. This module works well in conjunction with the MD:02,Constructed of 500 denier cordura nylon.The MI:01 comes with sliders that have interlocking loops, so a seal or lock can be added and a clear top pocket for
identification and posting expiry dates for quick referral. Using modules has many benefits, including time savings. by not having to search through you kit, what you need is at your finger tips.
They speed up replenishing your supplies after a call out. Modules increase the efficiency of more than one person working out of the same main bag. Use one red for dextrose and one blue for saline

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